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Formula for Success is a motivational resource for high school and college kids, struggling with every day issues. Feel free to watch some of the videos below to get a better understanding of the program. My most recent blog posts can be found on the left. These contain some useful tips on keeping a positive attitude and succeeding in life.

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Introduction to Success4Teens program

Interview on the Wellness Hour

Interview on “The Wellness Hour”

Success 4 Teens

Finding the formula for success.

Bill Morris talks about his son.

Formula for Success is a motivational resource for High School and College Kids, struggling with every day issues. It consists of seven DVDs that provide answers, solutions and guidance for teens struggling with every day issues, such as time management, goal setting and dealing with every day setbacks. The program also provides a fitness and nutrition section that helps teens build their self esteem and confidence. The new motivational tool has just been issued by Success 4 Teens, a California-based organization focusing on teen communication and behavior.

Pathway to Success
Starting with your own personal assessment of what is and is not working for a personalized decision if you want to take the success journey.

Time Management
Analyzing how to invest and spend the 24 hours in a day to achieve desired goals and objectives.

Goal Setting
The 10 step process used to create and formulate your life strategies and goals.

Positive Mental Attitude
Building the foundation of how to get you to believe you can do it.

Dealing with Setbacks
We all have more setbacks than successes in life. Recognize how to cope with them, learn from them, and capitalize on them.

Getting in shape physically as well as nutritionally, working out with or without weights, plus what to eat and what to avoid and how to really read food labels.

Giving Back
Once you have it together, its time to share and pay it forward.

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