Why Failure is NOT an option

Why Failure is not an option……..well, I never like to use the word failure, because it can mean quitting. I like to use the word “setbacks” because that just means “temporary failure”.

To me (dealing with setbacks) this was the most important aspect of the Success4Teens DVD series. The reason I say that is because, I think we all, whether we are teenagers or grown ups, we fail more than we succeed. It is just the way it is. In fact, I always say to everybody, I probably fail six or seven times before I get a hit. There is a great expression that says to succeed more, fail more. What that means is take some risks. That is what it is all about.

Dealing with setbacks is a very powerful, probably the most powerful, part of the Formula for Success program, because when you can figure out exactly how to deal with setbacks, you can really determine how to be successful.

I get asked about many topics, however, two topics affect me deeply. One deals with suicide and one deals with depression. You know depression is a very interesting thing, there are two types of depression, I am not a doctor, but all kids get depressed sooner or later some where along the line, that’s regular depression, then there is clinical depression which is much more serious and needs to be treated through various meds. I have seen both throughout the country. Don’t ever feel you are alone. There are people you can go to, whether it be a hotline, a parent or teacher, police, fireman, there is always people there that will help you our.

Setbacks are the fabric of success, because the only way to get to the “door of success” is through the “door of failure”

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